Peer ranking supplementary material

Here is a gzipped tar file with an implementation of the peer ranking method, implementations of some methods for comparison, some data, and some scripts for evaluating the methods.

About the yeast protein-protein data:

The following paper describes the method:
P. M. Long, V. Varadan, S. Gilman, M. Treshock and R. A. Servedio. Unsupervised evidence integration. ICML'05.

After publishing this paper we discovered a bug in the code evaluating the EM algorithm on the protein-protein data. The software above includes a patch. Here is a revision of Table 1 from the paper:

Algorithm Protein-Protein Synth
Peer 0.947 0.977
Eigen 0.862 0.899
k-means 0.862 0.724
EM 0.887 (buggy value was 0.848) 0.911

Here are the ROC curves on the protein-protein data:

Please send email to tell us about your experiences with the software. We are also glad to answer questions about it.